5 Ways To Get Your Blog Post Ranked In Search Engines

Seo,blog ranking in Google With the new criteria that Google and other search engines have established for websites and blogs, it can be easy for your blog to be lost in a sea of thousands of other blogs. However, if you want your blog to be ranked by search engines, which should be the goal of any blogger, then there are 5 easy tips that can make this happen. They will all take time, but time is the only way to get your blog to the point that search engines see this as valuable information for readers.

1. Your content must be original

This cannot be overstated, and is one of the first aspects that you have control over. Do not repost content that is found elsewhere, this is not only going to ensure that your blog never ranks, but it is plagiarism and is considered unethical practice in writing. This does not mean that you cannot utilize something from the Internet to help get your point across in a blog, but be sure to give proper credit, such as links to where this information came from. Otherwise, search engines will simply skip over your blog as duplicate content.

2. Utilize on page SEO

SEO techniques are something that most people have heard about, yet rarely do people understand what this is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you search something you are using a series of keywords related to what you want to know. If your blog is offering information on surfing on the East coast, then words related to this subject need to be on your blog. Therefore, search engines will find this to be relative information when the search terms are entered. It is important to note that you should not stuff your blog with SEO keywords, as most search engines are going to consider this a black hat technique and will not rank your blog.

3. Use social media to your benefit

Social media is a very high impact tool when used appropriately. You will want to have your blog set up with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media site of interest. If you utilize your blogs name while setting these social accounts up, this can help increase your exposure. If you post anything to these sites, always link back to your blog to help people find your blog easier. The more readers you get, the higher your rankings are going to be within search engines.

4. Be interesting in what you post

The more interesting and unique your content is, the more likely people are going to want to read what you are posting. Those who read your blog may recommend it to others, which is going to increase readership and traffic to the blog, which in turn increases the chances that search engines are going to rank what you are writing.

5. Get your blog indexed

There are several websites that will take note of your blog and index every new post that you publish. This does take time, but in the end you will find that the more you get your blog link out there, the more likely it will get find. These sites are often referred to as feed aggregators. The way they work is that they list several blogs that have been published recently, if a visitor finds one of interest and clicks, they are directed to the original blog site. It is through this that you can develop new readers. Getting your blog on the search engines will take time, but everything that you do is going to help speed this process along. With these 5 tips you can ensure that your blog makes it faster than if you were to sit around and wait for nature to take its course.


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