7 reasons why WordPress is the best choice for building your website

Headpunk BloggerThe Internet is a huge market that is very competitive, and there are hundreds of new websites that are coming online every day. In order to build a website, there are tons of platforms out there that you can utilize, yet one of the most commonly used platforms is WordPress. This platform allows you to build a website for basically any need that you may have, whether this is to blog or to advertise yourself or business. WordPress is currently responsible for more than 50 million websites that you may use everyday. The reason for such high numbers is because it is considered to be one of the best way to build your website.  Here are 7 reasons why you should be building your website with wordpress.

1. Free to use

One of the main factors that has attributed to the success of WordPress for building websites is that this is a free software to utilize. Why pay for something when you can get it for free? Though it may be free, it does not limit creativity or functionality of your website.

2. Ease of use

Anyone can build a website with WordPress. The simple walk through process allows for anyone to build a website from scratch, even if you have no technical knowledge of how to do this. Through answering simple questions, plugging in content where it is needed, you can easily have a website up and running on WordPress within an hour.

3. The Choices

Most people have the misconception that since WordPress is free everyone is going to have a generic website that lacks in any type of individuality. However, there are thousands of designs that you can choose from based on the layout of the site, color templates, fonts and even image layout. Through having all of these choices, you can make a website that is uniquely yours. If you cannot find free themes that you like, there are several low cost themes to choose from that are still cheaper than what other platforms are offering.

4. Easy to rank in search engines

Most people who are building a website want to ensure that this website is going to be seen with search engines, namely Google. The good news is that WordPress utilizes a database to sort through websites according to the subject and keywords, meaning that Google loves these sites to rank.

5. Easy to update

From time to time you may want to change the colors, fonts or the layout of your website to make it more appealing for the market. With some platforms, making changes usually involves pasting tons of codes into the platform in order to make changes effective across several pages of your website. With WordPress, most changes can be made with just a click and can be made to all pages within the site. This saves you time and makes it simple to make any changes you feel are necessary.

6. Works within several browsers

With the cross coding that WordPress implements, you never have to worry that your website will look odd on any device or browser that a reader may be utilizing to view the site. This is extremely important for businesses.

7. Less technical issues

With almost any website building platform there are going to be times in which you have limited access or have security issues to contend with. However, due to the popularity of WordPress, there seems to be less down time that people experience. This is a huge plus when you want a website that is going to be functional and always available.

If you are considering building a website, you do not have to be an engineering major or even have any technical background. WordPress allows everyone to build a website that caters to their individual or business with easy to understand language and options. Since it is free, there is really nothing for a person to lose through trying this platform out. Those who do, usually have nothing but praise for WordPress.

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7 reasons why WordPress is the best choice for building your website
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